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It wasn't till just recently I realised that much of the stuff I post is actually viewed by alot of people. It took someone else to make me see what you think...

I know on YouTube you can get subscribers, and I know there are loads of youtube channels with more subscribers and I know there's plenty of other artists that have more watchers than me. But I never really thought about it. 

I think I should tell you all abit of history (read if you want if not its cool) I started making these pictures because I wanted to make something that appeals to me. I'm fully aware they are unrealistic and it's a fetish but I created them as an outlet for myself.

Then I saw people post this sort of thing and I thought I'd give it a try. I know people react differently to what you expect but I still wanted to try. Originally it was meant to be a way of backing up my images as hiding them on a computer has disadvantages. But the more people commented and messaged me the more I wanted to post. 

But sadly people didn't comment much after a while and began stealing my work. However I found what I considered to be a good formula with some of my early pictures which was using celebrities and yards of dress to create an illusion of size but hiding the distortion. I also set the rule in my head that the other parts of the body should be as close to accurate as possible to again create this illusion (and some of you might see my early work was small by comparison and I tested alot of ideas). I create these however I've never come across another artist that does it.

With this in mind I then said that I wanted to create the biggest morphs that would be grounded in real backgrounds. But I have few people commenting on my work, I get favourites but never really much in the way of comments. Which at times does make me feel more strange with this fetish mixed with the fact I haven't found anyone else that does this particular it genius or is it more odd?!? A question I've often wondered.

So the point of this journal... like I said I didn't consider the other stuff till now... 400 people watch me and my morphs which are unrealistic and I never really thought about the "favourites" I know often the same people appear several times and I'm thankful really it doesn't go unnoticed I promise you and some of you that do favourite often I have reached out to. Anyway I wanted to say thank you to all of you for adding me to your watch list and I know it's not a big number but I think it shouldn't go without saying something.

So many thanks for the support and your time, I hope to hear from you and if you ever want to drop me a message feel free to.

Regards, Realbuzz 
I've noticed that a lot of people that like my page are mostly from the US which isn't a problem or a bad thing. But it does mean that communicating can be difficult as I live in the UK.

As the title of this journal suggests, message me if your from the UK. I'm happy to try and talk to people outside of DA.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I specialise in making fantasy pictures for a particular type of person, my manipulations are aimed at making desires for specific pleasure. Though some of the manipulations are unrealistic to many to others they are a form of fantasy and desire as woman who look like this are sexually appealing to some, I do this because I also get enjoyment and pleasure from this "fetish" and my manipulations are not intended to be offensive or for people who do not find this type of woman appealing. So please do not spam hate as these images are meant for a specific group of people.


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Do you take requests?
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I'm glad to see your latest works.
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Do you take requests by any chance?
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Big fan of your tastes! Thank you for sharing it. ;)
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Hey, do you take requests?
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Your work is great! I hope you come back sometime. You're also welcome to visit my restored old site, PumpkinBelly's Patch at
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hello old friend
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Great stuff! I think I just found a new fetish haha
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